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Treatment with intravenous fluids in adults

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Treatment with intravenous fluids in adults
By evolution-medspa-boston-101318 on Saturday, October 13, 2018 @ 5:48 am

Adequate hydration of the organism is a requisite for health. Water allows many of the vital chemical reactions of the organism and maintains bodily functions


The water is the main component of the human body: approximate 60% of body weight in adult men contains water. It is slightly lower, at 50-55% in women because of their higher proportion of body fat. The brain and muscles have 75% water, blood and kidneys 81%, liver 71%, bones 22% and adipose tissue 20%.

Humans can only survive a few days without drinking water - depending on weather, activity levels and other factors. At the same time as you can stay alive without other food stuff for weeks or for months. Although water is often treated somewhat trivially, no other nutrient is so essential or necessary in such high amounts.

Important benefits of hydration:

Every cell of the human body needs water. Here are some of the most important benefits of IV Hydration in Boston:

  • Brain: Adequate hydration facilitates the oxygenation of brain cells and keeps the brain alert.
  • Cells: The hydration of the body is important to transport carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, as well as oxygen, to the cells. In this way, the cells are able to produce the energy necessary for a good functioning of the body. In addition, hydration facilitates the elimination of waste or waste substance from the cells produced in the metabolic processes, allowing an adequate cellular chemical function. It can be completed by Iv Hydration Boston
  • Digestive tract: Water is fundamental in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients through its solution. This facilitates the passage of nutrients to blood and subsequent distribution to cells. Dehydration slows intestinal transit thus promoting constipation.
  • Heart: Liquids are important for heart function and good water balance regulation is essential to keep blood pressure within healthy limits.
  • Kidneys: A good hydration improves the functioning of the kidneys as waste eliminators through the urine. In addition, the kidney controls the body\'s water level, sodium and other electrolytes by regulating the flow of urine.
  • Muscles and joints: Water acts as a lubricant for muscles and joints: it helps protect the joints and muscles work properly. Between 70 and 75% of the muscle is composed of water. Maintaining an adequate balance of water is essential for optimal muscle function and good physical performance.
  • Skin: An adequate hydration by Iv Hydration Near Me helps to moisten the tissues of the body and to preserve the elasticity, softness and color of the skin.
  • Temperature: Body water plays an important role as a thermoregulatory, regulating the body\'s global temperature by dissipating heat. If the body gets too hot, it loses water through sweat and the evaporation of it on the surface of the skin dissipates the body\'s heat. Sweating is the most effective way to prevent overheating the body.

Keep in mind that you must have a correct hydration with a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.


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