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Bindings of the Future. Enter Zeus.

Bindings of the Future. Enter Zeus.
By cramey on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 6:36 pm
CWB steps it up a couple notches this year with their new high-end binding, the Zeus. This top of the line binding was masterfully created with nearly every riding aspect kept in mind. From multiple cinch points to an adjustable heel restraint, nothing was left out. Endorsed by Zane Schwenk, this binding is sure to be a keeper.

Look & Feel
They weigh just over 3 lbs each, which is pretty standard for a high-end binding that has a solid base plate. You definitely won’t need stiffeners for these. White laces accent the dark rubber overlays, and silver cutouts add to the design. The large ‘Gorilla’ straps at the top of the binding allow for easy entry, and sport the CWB logo.

There a two cinch locations - one at the top that supports your upper ankle, and a second on the top of your foot that allows for a higher level of board control. These bindings come in an assortment of sizes that will fit just about any rider ranging from size 5-14.

Support & Technology
The support on these bindings is truly amazing. The most notable piece of this binding that you might not notice on a quick glance is the Heel Lock System, which is somewhat hidden by the upper ankle and lower foot support laces. However, once you put your feet in these bindings, you’ll notice the difference! The HLS system, which is fully adjustable via easily accessible screws, allows true customization of your ride. If you liked a locked in heel that rests deep in the pocket or if you like a looser feel that allows you to tweak your tricks, this binding will allow it all.

The Gorilla straps allow for easy entry and exit from the ultra plush foot beds and yet are subtle enough that they won’t get in the way. The foot beds are made utilizing a triple density manufacturing process that provides increasingly softer levels of support as the foam nears the foot. This allows the maximum amount of control and comfort while still retaining a durability level that makes this binding a top contender.

Finally there are the dual lacing straps, which are unique to the CWB line, and provide the utmost in foot comfort. Loosen it up on the bottom lace loops and keep it tight up top, or the other way around if you prefer.

The Ride
After all this hype, how do these things ride? LIKE A CHAMP! In fact, go call up your local shop and make the call to put your pair on reserve now. They are the ultimate in support, adjustability, and performance. Getting in these bindings was a very simple procedure, as it should be. Squirt some binding slime on them and slide in- no tugging. Quickly cinch each portion of the binding to your desire, and then hop in the water.

The HLS system keeps your heel locked down as your edging into the wake, and the tri-density foam beds help aide your launch. From casing the wake on miss-fires, to taking it Richter off the double up, these foot beds are there to hook you up with a soft as hell landing.

After a 20-minute session my usually cramping feet were still at ease with these Cadillac-like bindings. The support is truly amazing, yet the upper overlays are still flexible enough to tweak your nuclears, and poke the indy.

I returned to the boat a happy camper.

The 411
BUY THIS BINDING. Never have I been so impressed with a product. CWB clearly put some serious time in developing these bindings. Is there anything that could be improved? Well, honestly, not really. It’s a solid product that allows for maximum configuration, and minimal effort to get a setup you like.

If I were even going to attempt to poke at where this binding could be improved, I’d first start with the MSRP ($420). The MSRP is high, but so are other high-end bindings on the market (Parks). With a street price of about $330 at my local shop they’re definitely not overpriced. My next concern would be the ‘Am I going to rip out all my lace loops like I did with my Parks?’ argument. Since I’ve only gotten to ride these bad boys a couple times, I honestly cannot say. However, the stitches look legit, and are backed up with an inner neoprene covering to protect from too much rubbing.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for new pair of bindings, do yourself a favor and check these out. If you like a binding that works, the Zeus is the one for you. They should be in most authorized CWB shops by the end of March 2003.

Check out CWB on the web:

Special thanks to Gordy Holmes and the CWB team for letting this happen, and putting out a top notch product.
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