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Liquid Force TAA to kick off soon!

Liquid Force TAA to kick off soon!
By cramey on Thursday, April 14, 2005 @ 8:38 am
We’ll start off with this week’s events....

Don’t miss Saturday nights World Premier of "The Butter Effect"! If you’re going to be in the Seattle area this Saturday, April 9th, do what you can to get yourself down to the Premier Club (fitting name, eh?) by 7:30 PM. The Premier Club is on 1st Avenue, one block south of Safeco Field. This premier will essentially be a who’s who of Wakeboarding. LF Team riders Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Ben Greenwood, and Mike Ennen will all be in attendance... as will Justin Stephens of LF Films, and others from the LF crew. It’s going to be a great night celebrating what is guaranteed to be a fantastic film. Sean Kilgus... aka Shrek...has put some serious time into the new video and is ready to show it to the world. Check out the box cover with Watson on it... you’ll see that there is going to be some serious action in this flic.

Since we’re on the topic of videos...
Justin Stephens just returned from his final filming trip for Encore. He spent 10 days in Orlando with the LF team riders and rated the week a 10! Besides capturing the wake riding of LF’s wake shredders, he also spent quite a bit of time filming the riders ripping some rails at the Projects. 3 rails in 3 days! That was the deal... the riders built a rail a day. At the end of each day they’d tear their handy work down and build another one for the next day’s shoot. The word on the street was that the action was "dirty". Need proof... check out the attached photos of Shane, Henshaw, and Colin! Also... check out Justin’s newest shooting contraption... who’s he think he is? Scorsese?

In other team news...
Liquid Force is happy to announce the addition of its newest team rider... Stef Tor. Stef, originally from Canada, has been making a name for herself in the world of wakeskating. The Orlando resident recently appeared on the cover of Alliance UK (see attached pic) and is planning on riding the entire pro tour this summer (against the guys). She’s known for her aggressive style and her willingness to try anything. When asked about her new opportunity, Stef said, "I’m very excited to be representing wakeskating for women with the LF Team! Here’s to a great season with a great team behind me!" Welcome to the family, Stef!

Liquid Force, known for leading the women’s wakeboard market, is continuing to grow its support in this part of the market. Kathleen Penny, longtime Seattle wakeboarder and friend of Liquid Force, has recently joined the Encinitas gang and will be heading up the new "women’s division" at Liquid Force. Working alongside her will be Darcy Gibbings, a San Diego native that’s been working in house for a few months already. Both women are excited about pushing the sport to women. They both are also avid snowboarders and have seen huge growth in the snowboard industry due to companies that have focused on the women’s market. Companies like Burton, K2, and Roxy have given huge support for women and have seen huge growth because of it. "Women want to know that companies and industries are supporting them. The companies that do are the one’s that we buy from." Stated Kathleen Penny. "Liquid Force has always done more than any wakeboard brand to support women and that’s why I wanted to work here. There is still so much more that can be done, though. We need to increase participation and make women want to wakeboard. I’m excited about this new opportunity and really am thankful that LF has brought me in to head this program... working with team riders Melissa, Amber, and the entire marketing crew in Encinitas is going to be fun!" Look for more info regarding this new division of LF to be appearing soon on

Last, but not least... the Trip Across America countdown has begun.
8 days from now, Aaron Grace, Shawn Watson, and Jaret Brantley will kick off the 5th season of "America’s Favorite Demo Tour" in Vegas. In tow will be the new Wakesetter LSV that Malibu has given them (check out the attachment of the Green Monster). What a way to start... I’m sure they’ll be some great stories from day one. The tour will once again spend 7 months traveling across the US visiting local wakeboard dealers and lakes, giving people an opportunity to test out the LF gear and meet the LF team. For more info and tour updates, be sure to check out the TAA section of

That’s it for now... stay tuned for next week’s version of "The Truth".

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