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The "World’s First Wake Boat" - Epic Boats

The "World’s First Wake Boat" - Epic Boats
By cramey on Monday, May 23, 2005 @ 8:11 am
May 21, 2005 – San Diego, CA. – Epic Wake Boats announced today the launch of their new Epic 23v. Dubbed "The World’s First Wake Boat," it is designed to meet the demands of an ever-growing contingent of wakeboarders, wakeskaters, and wakesurfers. Developed from the ground up as a sport specific boat, the 23v is a wake enthusiasts’ dream boat. The boat measures nearly 23 feet long and has a 98" beam. It comes with almost every option imaginable for an amazing list price of just under $50,000.

Researched and designed in San Diego, CA, this boat was developed with only wake sports in mind. The main design feature of this boat is its tremendous wake characteristics. Its D.R.O.P. Zone hull technology, 3200lbs of automatically switched ballast, and adjustable trim plate system all add up to the best wake of any boat on the market today. Its spacious and functional interior is made to stand up to the abuses of even the most active riders. This feature filled wake experience also includes transom audio, hot water shower, rear stereo remote, boot luber, and heater.

Wake Innovation: In early 2002 Epic Boats set out to design a boat with tremendous wake characteristics. A formula balancing hull design against automatically ballasted weight was developed and then tested until a new breed of Wake Boat was born. With a clear perspective on design, Epic Boats started from scratch to produce its D.R.O.P Zone Hull Technology (Dynamic Reduction of Pressure Zone). Like an airplane wing lifts an airplane, segments of the hull actually pull the boat down deeper into the water when under speed, which displaces more water and throws a more sizeable wake. This innovation, along with the industries largest automatic ballast system at 3200lbs, produces a wake that is larger and more precisely formed than any to date. The wake produced by the 23v is a long transition wake with very well defined lip characteristics for ultimate pop of the wake. With the trim plate adjusted down, the lip can be tapered down for a remarkable wakeskate wake and, at slow speeds, with the ballast adjusted to one side the wake surfing is just incredible.

Comfort: With the boat being the centerpiece of all wake sports, the platform for all the action and place for relaxation for those not riding needed to be comfortable and functional. Epic Boats designed a very spacious and functional interior so passengers can relax and easily access all the features of the boat while on the water. With a cushy interior and accessory layout that is logical and easy to access, this rugged sport boat feels more like a pleasure cruiser when out for long wake sessions.

Functionality: Epic Boats wanted to design a boat that was user friendly both on and off the water. Easy to access accessories and storage was only the beginning when making this boat not only useable but also maintainable. The large engine compartment makes it easy to access any mechanical issue that needs attention. The ballast pumps are conveniently located under the back seat where an impeller can be changed in seconds with only a flathead screwdriver. A flush fitting is supplied so the engine can be easily flushed after use. The closed cooled engine will help the engine run maintenance free for years of riding.

The Epic 23v was designed to be a wake enthusiasts’ dream boat, with the best wake in the industry, all the accessories imaginable, and an affordable price tag. Epic Boats looks forward to helping riders increase their skills, time on the water, and enjoyment of wake sports by bringing them quality boats made to last through all the abuse active riders can muster. The company looks forward to this first season, showing riders what a boat designed from the ground up specifically for their sport can do for their wake lives.

Information on the Epic 23v and Epic Wake Boats can be found at:

Epic Boats is currently seeking a suitable manufacturer and investment partners to help bring this great new boat to riders everywhere.

Dealer inquiries can be directed to:

Other Contact Info:
Epic Wake Boats
11379 Kelowna Rd.
San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: (858) 922-7735
Fax: (858) 922-7735
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