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Liquid Force Update - 5/23/05

Liquid Force Update - 5/23/05
By cramey on Monday, May 23, 2005 @ 11:22 pm
You know what time it is... time for your newest dose of "The Truth". Here’s your update on what’s happening in the world we like to call Liquid Force... Enjoy!

First let’s start in the world of the Pro Tour...
Congratulations are in order for our wakeskater, Phillip Basino. Last years Tour Champion looks to be on his way to contending once again for the title. Having placed second in Orlando, Phillip stepped up and beat Brian Grubb in the finals, claiming his first victory of the season and the overall tour lead. According to Aaron Grace... Phillip was poppin! Continuing on with the story of Phil’s, Phillip Soven earned another podium finish, taking home the bronze. He was dominating every heat throughout the weekend, but hit a snag in the Final four and was unable to continue on to the finals. Odds are favorable that he’ll come back with a vengeance in Reno. Tino Santori also had a good showing, earning his first trip to the Elite 8. Rounding out the story of the 3 Phil’s, Oregon’s Phillip Combs continued his streak of podium finishes, placing 3rd in the Jr. Men’s division. Phillip has set him self up as a serious contender for the Jr. Men’s title in 2005. Other LF’ers of note included Travis Probst and Mikey Marsh, who each finished 4th, and 7th, respectively in the Jr. Men’s Division.

Sticking to this past weekends "Pro Tour" activities...
The LF squad had an outstanding showing at the "Love-Sac, Big Air Double-Up Contest" that was hosted at Texas Master-Craft on Friday. Kevin Henshaw, the rookie sensation, took home the first place prize, sticking a giant backside (blind) 7 off the double up. The night-time conditions made for difficult times for the riders, but Kevin rode tough and stomped the best trick of the night. This was his first victory as a pro. Also on the podium for LF was none other than Benny G. Ben Greenwood went big as usual and took the position of second for the night. In the amateur division, LF’s Texan ripper, Joey Bradley, took top honors. Look for more of this kid in the future.

Continuing on with Events...
If you missed CableStock at TSR, you missed one of the best events of the season. The guys at TSR know how to put on a great event. Combining wake, cable, skate, and MX, CableStock was one of the biggest action sports events we’d ever been to. Local LF Riders Joey Bradley, Cody Kidder, and Stefan Shriewer were on hand competing and riding the cable with the fans. TSR will be hosting more events throughout the summer that you won’t want to miss. For more info on CableStock, or any of the other upcoming events TSR is hosting, check out

In Southern California Pro Rider Sightings...
There was a recent sighting of Shawn Watson at the Carlsbad Lagoon... rumor has it he was hanging with the LF Crew and testing some new gear for the 2006 season... stay tuned for more info on Shawn’s new line of products.

Also at the Carlsbad Lagoon... Encore!
The LF Crew, including Shane Bonifay and the entire Encinitas office, will be at the Carlsbad Lagoon this Thursday, May 26th, riding all day and then watching Encore in the parking lot at night. It will be an all-day fun-filled event with free wake riding from 10-4 PM behind the Liquid Force Malibu. The 2005 Liquid Force product will be on hand to demo, so bring your towel and be ready to ride. The partying will continue into the evening with the video warming up around 9 PM. California Watersports will be hosting the event and is located at 4215 Harrison St, Carlsbad, CA 92008. For additional info, check out or call (760) 434-3089.

In news on Ben Greenwood, the world traveler...
Ben just returned from another worldly adventure. He and fellow LF rider Kurt Robertson traveled to the Cayman Islands to teach wakeboarding and to enjoy the local festivities. We’re currently trying to get some good images to pass along. There should be some good stories and photos for the next edition of "The Truth". Ben has officially taken over the lead for most miles traveled to wakeboard this season.

In Trip Across America news...
The RV has officially been dubbed, "The Black Pearl". Jaret and the crew, and the Black Pearl have worked their way from the southeast to Texas and will now be spending the next couple of weeks in the Southern Region. Jaret is just wrapping up his 2nd edition of "Road Tripping" and expects to have it published this week. Be sure to check out and go to the TAA section for the action that’s happened over the last couple of weeks. The crew has faced harsh weather and RV problems over the past couple of weeks, but still has managed to power through and put on some great events. Everybody in attendance has been having a great time, as has the TAA crew. Check out the attached photos of some of the recent events.

Last, but not least, in the "team riders doing their part to help the community" category...
We’d like to thank Mike Ennen for his charity work and time he’s been donating in the Northwest. In between riding sessions, Mike has been traveling with his speech team (not sure if it’s really a team, but let’s just call it that) to local schools and rotary clubs across the northwest. He’s been spreading the stoke of wakeboarding to locals up and down the Washington region. We’re not sure how Mike talking about wakeboarding could be considered charity work, but if it keeps kids off the streets and away from drugs... nice work Mikey! If we get any footage of Mike and his speech team, we’ll be sure to pass it along... we’re sure it’s great stuff!

Well... that’s it for now... check back next week for another edition of "The Truth".
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