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Grassroot Video Roundup

Grassroot Video Roundup
By cramey on Monday, April 24, 2006 @ 9:33 pm
Coming to you from the wakeboarding mecca of the world, Average Honkey Productions brings to you (Insert Title Here). Yes. That is really the name of it, and from the heart of Nebraska comes Ronnie Romero's 2nd film, Snafu. Yes. I really said Nebraska. With a sprinkling of well known riders and a heavy dose of local heavy hitters both of these videos come correct to show you a little flavor of where other people ride. Let's get down to business.

Ronnie's second film, Snafu brings together a great overall visual experience along with fast paced, action oriented editing. The video is shot entirely in widescreen so it looks extra slick on your daddy's 60" plasma TV. The musical selection is great with such artists as Swollen Members and Slightly Stupid and other well balanced acts mixed in. There is even a track that Darin Shapiro produced. Don't worry; it is better than Randy Harris's rapping in Natural Born Thrillaz. Westsiiiiide.

While I've seen a ton of footage with people like Shaun Murray, Gerry Nunn, and Keith Lyman, it was very entertaining to see some of the style and riding from the area's locals. Nick Jones throws down. Hard. Kyle Alberts kills it as well. From start to finish there is good flow, outstanding riding, and legit style. "This film showcases the reason why we all started and continue to ride´┐Ż freedom, style, and intensity. Snafu is a must own for anyone's library" states Ronnie Romero, and I couldn't agree more.

Buy snafu online and help support the local riders of Nebraska:

(Insert Title Here)
This is the first disc out by Average Honkey Productions (AHP) and I would have to say it is pretty good attempt at a grassroots video with some extra saucy bonuses. With glimpses of Sean O'Brien mixed in with some Shane Bonifay you know the tricks will be tweaked and tech. From what I can tell it is a 561 posse (that is West Palm Beach for all you non Florida people) and they represent. The riding is all filmed on some typical split pea soup, gator infested, buttery goodness that Florida is known for with plenty of rail shots. From step-ups to step-downs, gaps, to OWC, this video has more rail riding than you can shake a stick at. With smooth beats from Bob Marley and Thievery Corporation to Areosmith and Metallica the soundtrack runs the spectrum of great tunes.

As I mentioned above, it is always fun to see big time pros in a video, but it is also great to see the locals. Like the global rider search winner Josh Palma, or the super stylish Dave Burstiner. Both of these rippers throw down. Look for Josh Palma's back to back whirly 5s, snap! (Insert Title Here) is a great flick, and a taste of wakeboarding that might be a little different than you are used to. "The concept of the video is that it needs to be short and super sweet with multi-angle videography and photography. I purposely am neglecting footage from the boat because it's boring and played out, and you won't find much of it in there."

Buy AHP's Insert Title Here online
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