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2007 CWB Transcend

2007 CWB Transcend
By cramey on Wednesday, July 19, 2006 @ 8:22 am
Andrew has been standing atop the heralded podium more than ever this year. He attributes his success on a new shape that he spent the last eight months working on and fine tuning with Doug Cannon and CWB team members. He also drinks a ton of milk.

CWB Board Co. is proud to release the first 2007 deck.
A completely redesigned shape, we kept all of the things that made the Transcend buttery, threw out those that "didn't feel the love", added new features... and SPLEDOW! The 07 Transcend.

Andrew’s original Transcend Pro Model was the first board to use a mid 3" rocker pattern. This gave a wake to wake "snap" that was unmatched by any other board. However when you use a big rocker pattern, you sacrifice speed. For 07 Andrew said lets scale back the rocker to approximately 3.02". We then added twin tunnels off the tip and tail for improved performance. The Team also said beef up the center spine for softer landings.

Next we created the fin Extension. Unique to the Transcend, we wanted to add a fin for traction, but not totally change the ride. When you add a normal fin to a board, it goes from loose to sticky. With the Transcend, the fin Extension adds just the right amount of traction allowing the rider to fine tune how they want the board to bite.

When the PT78 Platinum board is released later this year it will come with two different size fin Extensions, the rider can precisely tune in the bite desired.

The 07 Transcend features CWB's new P-core construction. This is a foam CWB has found to be lighter and stronger than previously used in wake. The P-core construction allows us to make the core denser, while maintaining the same light weight ride, for which we are known.

Another innovation, CWB's 07 pro deck line will all rock unique flex patterns built into each model. X-Flex adds extra uni-directional glass, the boards snap back into shape quicker than ever. This snap creates pop. Pop is good.

"The best board I have ever ridden" - Andrew Adkison

Hold onto your short shorts, 07 is going to be action.

138cm 142cm
Center 16.82" 17.02"
Tip/Tail 9.51" 9.71"
Rocker 2.92" 3.02"
Rocker Shape Subtle 3-Stage
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