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2007 Wakesetter VTX

2007 Wakesetter VTX
By cramey on Thursday, October 19, 2006 @ 3:35 pm
(Merced, CA) - This compact contender measures 20 feet in length, yet packs enough professional level performance to rival the biggest v-drives on the market and seats up to 10 adults. The Wakesetter VTX is a wakeboarding machine, designed for a more intimate crowd, but without sacrificing wake quality or power. The interior is Malibu-plush and the internal space defies comprehension. The exterior sports an aggressive Wakesetter look and the new Frameless Vented Windshield enhances that effect.

"We noticed a need in 20-foot segment for true wakeboard performance and the room of a larger v-drive," explained, Dan Gasper, Malibu Boats Head Engineer. "We knew a scaled down version of our 247 would be the easiest route, but innovation is almost never easy. The VTX was individually designed to handle well, pump out a great a wake and offer as much comfort and luxury to its 10 passengers as possible."

The Wakesetter VTX is exactly 20 feet long from bow to stern and measures 98" inches wide. Malibu's talented engineers have tackled this reduced size without cramping passengers or sacrificing comfort. The VTX has room for 10 adults and nearly 80 cubic feet of storage.

Every detail announces Malibu excellence, from the French stitching to the placement of the 14 stainless steel drink holders. The Wakesetter VTX hosts Malibu-unique touches like a hand-wrapped two-tone dash, LED-illuminated side panels with backlit stainless emblems and intricate multi-textual upholstery design. And these creature comforts extend to the monster air you get behind the boat.

The Wakesetter VTX hull was inspired by the wake-making 247 LSV, but the running surface was specifically optimized to churn up huge wakes behind this stout performer. The strakes were adjusted and the dead rise modified to achieve maximum launch. The Wakesetter VTX is equipped with 900 pounds of Malibu Launch System (MLS) and available with an additional 350 pound bow tank. All of this ballast can be adjusted and observed through the Ballast Monitoring System (BMS) at the dash. Add the Patented Power Wedge for even more control over wake size and shape.

Malibu offers the new Cut Diamond hull as a no-cost option on the VTX for those families who want a Wakesetter that accommodates early morning slalom sets as well as high-flying afternoons.

Malibu engineers also designed this 20-footer to handle well in rough water and in the most athletic boating situations. A straight chine and Gorilla Fins perpetuate tight turning and a rock solid running path, even with a progressive cutting athlete in tow. The multi-port fuel injected 320 LCR is the power behind this precision with 320 horse power, standard.

Wakesetter VTX performance isn't the only aspect of this Malibu's design that speaks to the competitor within. Even on the trailer this Malibu looks like a winner. Chiseled body lines, thick streaks of gel coat color, stainless steel Malibu emblems, custom Wakesetter vinyl graphics, stainless steel air vents and a unique Frameless Vented Windshield; the Wakesetter VTX is as sweet looking as the ride itself.

Aside from the new Wakesetter VTX, the Malibu Research and Development Team has created 19 other 2007 models. Visit you nearest Malibu dealer and experience the Malibu Difference today.

Wakesetter VTX: Length: 20', Beam: 98", Draft: 22", Capacity: 10 persons, Weight: 3300 lbs., Fuel: 46 gallons, Standard HP: 320, Maximum HP: 400
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