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Malibu Revolution Board Rack

Malibu Revolution Board Rack
By cramey on Thursday, October 19, 2006 @ 3:36 pm
(Merced, CA) - The Revolution Rack goes beyond typical forked board rack design with carbon fiber construction, easy operation, secure board storage and a sleek look. An exclusive original equipment design for Malibu Boats' Illusion X Tower, the Revolution achieves superior board security with a patent-pending internal bungee system.

"We are constantly searching for technology that will make our boats better," explained Dan Gasper, Head Engineer for Malibu Boats. "A board rack may seem like a small thing, but I believe anything that touches the boat should enhance its design and usability, not detract from it. The Revolution does just that."

Utilizing high compression carbon fiber mold technology from Fundamental Industries, the Revolution exudes advanced material memory along with a high strength to weight ratio. This carbon fiber rack was engineered and lab tested for durability and vibration dampening, which exceeds present market offerings. The Revolution was subjected to a sheer load test, measured with a hydraulic ram and load cell. In total, the Revolution Rack was exposed to 100,000 cycles under load.

The Revolution houses four internally routed bungees. These elastic cords connect with rubber-lined board hooks which extend from the rack to grip a wakeboard or wake skate. This patent-pending system conceals unsightly bungees for a clean look and extends cord life. The inner bungee is completely protected from the effects of UV exposure, when retracted, and it can be easily replaced, if needed.

Fundamental Industries worked closely with the Malibu Boats Research and Development Center to integrate their technology with Malibu's proven industrial design. The Revolution Rack, original equipment exclusive to Malibu, is available through your nearest Malibu dealer as an accessory on the Illusion X Tower.

Fundamental Industries LLC is a collective group with more than 40 years of combined research and development experience in the sporting goods industry. Their goal is to push the envelope of design in the marine aftermarket industry through the use of high tech materials and dedicated development process. For more information please visit

Since Malibu's inception in 1982 President/CEO Robert Alkema's mission has been very simple even if the evolution of design and engineering has become increasingly complex. "Build the best boat possible. Enjoy your workplace. Give Malibu owners the best value." This is an oath and a standard that the people of Malibu Boats believe they are bound to uphold. They build the best boat and have fun doing it and that dedication bleeds over into everything that wears the Malibu brand.
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