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Shaft 3: The faction

Shaft 3: The faction
By cramey on Sunday, February 18, 2001 @ 6:10 pm
Shaft3: The Faction: While the lofty promise of protecting the soul is thrown to the wind amidst lawsuits, politics, and the almighty bottom-line, the book that is wakeboarding is being composed by those who draw outside the lines. Ours is not that of the book, but only a page within it. Captured here is not the sole disposition of the sport but a faction…

From the producer of Shaft and Shafted comes a 16mm film created to open your eyes to the dementia of what is being done on a wakeboard. Due to be released in March 2001, Bump Films presents The Faction. Witness 15 foot gap sliders, huge double-ups, handrails, tricks that have never been seen, cheese wedge booters and whatever can be hauled out on to the water and hit, slid or bonked. Starring: Shawn Watson, Parks Bonifay, Darin Shapiro, Shane Bonifay, Shaun Murray, Rob Struharik, Gerry Nunn and others. If you thought Shafted was good wait till you get a load of The Faction. For release dates, downloadable video clips, and more information check out

Sponsored by: O'Brien, Liquid Force, CWB, Jobe, Vans, MasterCraft, Lakeview Marina and Wake Boarding Magazine.

Higher Education Volumes 1 & 2

This Spring, Bump Films brings you their latest instructional release, Higher Education. An updated version of Class In Session, the best selling wakeboard instructional series ever, Higher Education features top level pros like Parks Bonifay, Rob Struharik and Charley Patterson. Volume I starts with everything you need to know to choose the right gear, set up your boat and get out on the water learning the basics. You''''ll finish up learning Spins, Back Rolls and the Tantrum. Volume II begins with intermediate tricks such as Front Rolls and takes you all the way to super advanced tricks like the 900 and the Osmosis 540! Get Higher Education and spend more time impressing your bros and less time swimming with the fish! For release dates, detailed trick list and more information check out

Sponsored by: O'Brien, Liquid Force, CWB, Blindside, MasterCraft and Wake Boarding Magazine.

Shaft & Shafted DVD

Bump Films is proud to present the release of both Shaft and Shafted on one DVD. Get over 90 minutes of Murray, Shapiro, the Bonifays, Watson, Struharik, Necrason, Johnson, Staker and a bunch more rippers all digitally mastered from the original 16mm film for the highest quality picture and sound possible. Along with the original features, the DVD comes with rider interviews and an additional sound track where you can listen to the riders and the director talk about the movies. If your VHS tapes are wearing thin from non-stop rewinds watching Parks bust halfcab double backs, it’s time to go digital and get Shaft and Shafted on DVD. To order or track down more information check out

Sponsored by: Liquid Force, O’Brien, CWB, Free Motion, Vans, MasterCraft, Lakeview Marina and Wake Boarding Magazine.
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