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2006 CWB Marius 140... Rocks

2006 CWB Marius 140... Rocks
By cramey on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 @ 9:38 am
You may have seen this ride in late 2005, but this will be a big hit in 2006. The all new Marius includes many unique features that truly set it apart from the rest of the CWB line, as well as many other board manufacturers. We've reviewed a couple CWB boards in the past, and the crew here at is excited to say that this stick is definitely at the top of the list.

The Look
The first thing you'll notice is that this board looks like a barn door banana. But just you wait before you start making judgments. The ride is dressed in black with a casual graphic through the middle allowing plenty of room for your sponsor stickers. On the bottom is a sort of Greek ruin motif design which accents the board nicely, and compliments the top side ultra-destructo warrior image.

Huge and wide yet smooth in the landings, CWB scored in designing a fast spinning board with a small deck feel. The board is one of the wider ones we have tested at close to 17.65 wide and nearly 3" of rocker. The board sports a variable rocker blended with a v-hull which assists in the smooth landings. The dynamic rocker at the edge is roughly 3" and 2.45" at the tip.

The Marius comes in two flavors, a 134 and 140. What is interesting to note is the fact that the board has two sizes, yet the width in the waist, tip and tail is the same for both rides. Does this matter? We don't have a clue here, but surface area can't be a bad thing. The rocker is labeled continuous which translates to smooth take offs and smooth landings. Good by anyone's standards, but for those who are saving themselves for three-stage rockers, just wait.

Variable edge here we come! Quick and easy into the wake, and big into the pop is how we roll here at, and this board delivers. From wake to wake to deep into the flats, this board is smooth from start to finish. Like a run of the mill three-stage board, it boosts up instead of out, a feature I prefer. While the board is technically a three stage, it blends much of the rocker features that the Transcend has which yields a combination of speed and pop. The variable edge allows less rocker through the center of the board keeping it quick in and out of the wake.

The first thing you'll notice are the edges and how it reacts with the water, this board definitely doesn't ride like a big board. It may take some a little longer than others to get used to the aggressive rail changing, but once you do you are in for a treat. This board allows for maximum acceleration into the wake with precise control.

Two molded fins give the board moderate support in ultra calm waters, but the 1" aluminum fin allows you to be locked in completely yet the position of it allows easy release from the wake.

You will also notice significant differences when edging away from the boat due to the increased tail size and overall width of the board. This is completely normal due to the size and is experienced on the fuller width Fish board from Liquid Force as well.

The Four One One
CWB dug deep into their engineering crew with this one and it truly paid off. The wider tip and tail coupled with the longer waist allows the board length to be a little smaller without sacrificing any surface area, or soft landings. While this board's rocker caters to fluid takeoffs versus a hard kicking three stage, I would still have to rate it in the intermediate category. The turned down tops of the rails can provide exceptional face plants, but they also cut through buttery conditions like a hot knife. The channeled board bottom allows quick water displacement which you'll notice on both landings and cutting into the wake.

If you are looking for a new ride for this winter, or just want to get an early start for next summer, go give the CWB Marius a solid try. They've put a ton of time in R&D in this board, and it clearly shows. Check out for more information.
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